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DMG WordPress Theme Options gives WordPress theme developers a quick and easy way to add complex options to their custom themes.

Quick Note: For those of you who downloaded version 2.0 you may have noticed that I managed to forget to update the version number within the plugin file. Yup, bonehead move on my part.  Everything within that download is in fact what version 2.0 should contain.  I have corrected file now and all should be well.  Sorry if my slip up confused anyone!


  • Quickly and safely add:
    1. Sections to organize your options.
    2. Form fields including:
      • Text input field
      • Password input field
      • Hidden field
      • Textarea
      • Checkbox (single)
      • Checkboxes (multiple)
      • Radio buttons
      • Select list / Drop down menu
      • Multiple select list
      • Date picker (using the jQuery UI Datepicker)
      • Color picker (using jpicker) Removed in version 2.0
      • Image upload / select (using WordPress media-upload script)
    3. WordPress information for (displayed as your choice of checkboxes, radio buttons, select list or multiple select list):
      • Authors
      • Categories
      • Pages
      • Posts
      • Tags
    4. Messages/Notes
  • Organize your options into sections to make life easier on your users.
  • Can be used on multiple themes for same WordPress install.
  • Ability to save or delete options from WordPress Options database when theme is changed.
  • Add a descriptive paragraph to the ‘section’ to provide more information.
  • Validate and check input before saving.
  • Output error messages for check/validation.
  • Set default values which are inserted when the theme is activated.
  • Optional descriptions for fields to provide more direction.
  • Unique ID and NAME attributes for form fields (when appropriate).
  • Labels on name and description (when appropriate).
  • No need to require or include a file on every page using your options.
  • Simple function call to get your options. Get the full array or a specific value.
  • WordPress shortcode means you can use your options inside WordPress (pages/posts/widgets/etc.).

New in version 2.0:

  • Turn ‘sections’ in to tabs for easier viewing (using jQuery UI Tabs).
  • Date Picker and Tabs only load JavaScript and CSS files as needed and only when viewing theme options page.
  • A lot of coding changes and directory restructuring.


Download DMG WordPress Theme Options - version 2.0
Download DMG WordPress Theme Options v.2.0 (zip 481.09 kB)


I’ve decided that it’s easier to put together a simple PDF for the manual rather than messing around with all the code each time I release a new version. This manual is included with the download above, but it’s here just in case you need another copy

Version 2.0 - DMG WordPress Theme Options - Manual (167.37 kB)

Older Versions

If you’re interested grabbing a copy of the older versions of this script you’ll find them below.

Version 1.1 - DMG WordPress Theme Options (184.05 kB)

Version 0.5 - DMG WordPress Theme Options (80.37 kB)

In Closing

I suck at drafting up manuals so please feel free to ask questions in the comments below. Also if you have any suggestions please leave those in the comments below as well. Enjoy!



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  • Jun 8, 2011
    @ 7:34AM

    Doddy says:

    Nice works, i’ll try it.

  • Jun 8, 2011
    @ 12:50PM

    Dan says:

    Thank you.

    GNU General Public License – full license is included in the ZIP file.

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