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Mar 11

I guess it finally comes down to this: if Microsoft has decided to help rid the world of IE6 users then I might as well stop worrying about it as well. Being that it’s almost 10 years old (it’s initial release was August 2001), quirky as hell and a huge pain in the backside for developers I’m just going to dust off my hands and call it a day.

IE6 Countdown

IE6 Countdown

For a number of years I’ve come across sites that do what the IE6 Countdown site is asking us to do – alert visitors that they are using an out of date browser. I’m torn about this.  On the one hand we’re asked to drop IE6 which means a huge part is to no longer asking coders to add in the hacks needed to make their sites work in IE6. But in order to alert the user were adding code. So either I add in code to hack the site to look good or add in code telling the visitor to update their browser.

Personally I’m thinking that it just might be the time to go all in on this one and add zero lines of code to help IE6 users.  They should know by now that the browser they are using is outdated.  If not, then my guess is they’ve had a hell of a time online anyway.

I know for the new theme I just launched I put in some code to help support IE6 – including an IE6 only CSS file as well as some JavaScript to fix a PNG bug. This may just be the last time I do that … unless a client directly asks for IE6 support.

Website: www.ie6countdown.com



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