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Jun 15

While there are a number of decent client management plugins already out there for WordPress I’ve yet to find one that meets my every need. Rather than settle on one and add in my own features I’ve decided to start from scratch and build by own. Due to the sensitive material of clients that this plugin will store this plugin will run on my home server to keep everything nice and safe.

You may be wondering why I’m even bothering with a WordPress plugin if this is sitting on a computer only I can access. Well there are two good reasons.

  1. To keep up to date on my plugin coding skills while testing out new code that could potential be used for other publicly released plugins.
  2. To blog about the snags I run into while developing the plugin and showing what I’ve done to overcome such snags.

Introduction to the Plugin

Project code name: Baldr
‘Release’ date: End of July

  • Client management
    • Add new client
    • Edit client
    • Delete client
    • View client
    • Export all clients
  • Project
    • Assign to client
    • Add new project
    • Edit project
    • Delete project
    • View project
    • Export all projects
  • Price Quotes
    • Assign to client
    • Convert into project
    • Edit price quote
    • Delete price quote
    • View price quote
    • Print and/or Export price quote
    • Export all price quotes
  • Invoice
    • Assign to client
    • Add invoice manually
    • Convert price quote into invoice
    • Edit invoice
    • Delete invoice
    • Print, Email and/or Export invoice
    • Export all invoices
  • Payment
    • Assign to invoice (and therefor project and client)
    • Add payment
    • Print, Email and/or Export payment receipt
    • Edit payment
    • View payment(s) (individually and per-project)
    • Delete payment
    • Export all payments

A pretty large undertaking but since the majority of the functionality of each major section is similar it shouldn’t take too long once I get going.

So Far, So Good

At this point I’ve already started coding and have more done than I thought I would.

  • The framework of the plugin is in place.
  • Plugin adds a new menu with sub-menu links for the major sections.
  • View client opens with jQuery UI‘s dialog. (AJAX)
  • Delete client needs to be confirmed and then removes the client row from the table and updates the total number of clients (AJAX).
  • Client table is sortable by company name, client name, internal ID and client type.
  • Client table is searchable (and allows to be sorted keeping search in tact).
  • Client table pagination finished.

When I get more time I’ll be sure to post some of the pitfalls I’ve encountered already. Until then…



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