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Aug 24

While working on the site Gettin’ Grown TV, the clients liked the work I was doing so much they wanted me to help them build a portal page for the various Gettin’ Grown websites.

A quick, simple job that took almost no time to complete – of course that’s easy to do when the client is passing you all the artwork.

Gettin Grown Portal Page

Gettin Grown Portal Page

Work Completed

  • Coded the HTML and CSS for the Gettin’ Grown Portal website.
  • Moved the content for the Gettin’ Grown Movie website to a new URL.
  • Uploaded the portal website where the Gettin’ Grown Movie website use to reside.
  • Moved the Gettin’ Grown TV website to a new URL.
  • Disabled the Gettin’ Grown Productions link on the portal page until the site is complete.




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