Accessibility Statement

This site was thrown together in a few days and I’ve done my best to check as much of the accessibility features as I could I may have overlooked an area or two. If you find that there are areas which need to be fixed or improved upon please contact me and let me know. I’d appreciate it.

Below are the accessibility features I’ve implemented at this site and in my theme.


Accesskeys are listed at least once per page and will work across the whole site. Our site is powered by WordPress and while we have done our best to make our theme as accessible as possible we are still limited by WordPress’ native functionality for pages, posts, sidebar widgets and plugins.

modifier + S – Skip to page contents
modifier + 0 – Accessibility statement
modifier + 1 – Main page
modifier + 9 – Contact page and form

A list of modifier keys for various browsers can be seen at Wikipedia’s Access Key entry.

Layout Features

DOCTYPE and Language: A proper DOCTYPE should help your web browser or screen reader render this page in the manner it was meant to be seen. The language of this document will allow your screen reader to know what language to read the page in.

Hidden Navigation: At the top of the page is a hidden section that will allow you to skip directly to the main content of the page. Also in this hidden section is a link to skip directly to the sidebar content, and a link to the accessibility statement.

Colors: Background and foreground colors have been picked because they contrast enough for people with various forms of color blindness.

Fonts: Font sizes use the ‘em’ unit and can be adjusted using your web browser, keyboard and/or mouse wheel, or other operating system methods.

Alt and Title attributes: All images and links will contain either and ‘alt’ or ‘title’ attribute in their tags. Images that are purely background decoration and contain no additional information will not contain these attributes.

Links: The majority of text links in the main content are red in color and will be underlined. Other decorative links vary in color and distinction but should be easy to identify.

Labels: All user input sections which are preceded by or are followed by text describing the input will contain labels.

Acronyms and Abbreviations: Acronyms and abbreviations are denoted by a dotted underline and will display the proper ‘title’ attribute to display the term when the mouse pointer is hovered over it.


This site uses WordPress and plugins and widgets that can spit out code that is out of my control.  While I have done my best to modify these to make them more accessible problems can still be found. If you see something that is drastically wrong please contact me and let me know.