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DMG Projects – Free Widget Download

Categories: Development, Downloads, Portfolio
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DMG Projects is a WordPress widget that will allow you to showcase a page or post on your website. The original idea was for this widget to display a ‘Featured Project’ but because of its flexibility it can be used to showcase nearly anything. Free widget download!

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WP Widgets API - Classes and IDs

WP Widgets API – Adding Classes and Unique IDs

Categories: Blog, Development, WordPress
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Adding unique IDs to your multiple use widget can make it extremely easy for your users to style the output. Using the WordPress Widgets API to access the property declarations of the WP_Widget class is the way to go. Learn from some sample code on how to add classed and unique IDs to your output.


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Recoding Some Plugins

Re-coding Some Plugins

Categories: Blog, Personal
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I wasn’t happy with two of the plugins that I developed to manage a few things on this website. I had plans to revamp both of them but wasn’t sure exactly what to do with them. Since they were pretty similar and lacking some well needed features, I went ahead and re-coded them from the ground up.

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